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As I ponder this new year and all the changes that it will bring, I can’t help but wonder what

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An atheist reluctantly admits that Jesus is the answer in Africa in this December 27th Times Online article:
Before Christmas I returned, after 45 years, to the country that as a boy I knew as Nyasaland. Today it’s Malawi, and The Times Christmas Appeal includes a small British charity working there […]

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Joe Delaney of Joseph’s Coat Ministries and Randy Thomas of Exodus International were quoted in the December 28th Chattanooga Times

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Here we are at the end of another year – 2008, and facing a new year – 2009. I like this time, as it provides me with a great opportunity to thank God for what He has done, evaluate it and anticipate the new season of opportunity. In light of this, I am sensing God challenging me on a few issues as a leader in His Church. In 2008, I have sensed an incredible battle in the heavenlies regarding the Church. I am not one for speculative spiritual warfare type talk. (The Western […]

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Why not legalize same-sex marriage? Who could it possibly hurt? Children and the rest of society. That’s the conclusion of David Blankenhorn, who is anything but an anti-gay “bigot.” He is a life-long, pro-gay, liberal democrat who disagrees with the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexual behavior. Despite this, Blankenhorn makes a powerful case against Same-Sex marriage in his book, The Future of Marriage […]

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For the past five months, an underground campaign of violence directed against Christians has erupted in Orissa (one of the poorest states in India) and spread to several surrounding states as well.  According to a London online newspaper as of November 20, 2008, there have been 67 Christians killed, thousands of homes burned, hundreds of places of worship destroyed […]

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Editor’s Note: Unless otherwise stated, we make no endorsements of the links, media, organizations, or people we report on.  The

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Dear Friends,

Last week the Internet was abuzz with the release of Newsweek magazine’s feature story on the alleged religious case for same-sex “marriage.” Today, that Newsweek issue has hit newsstands across America […]

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Stephen stood before the Sanhedrin. The appointed Jewish leadership confronted this anointed Jewish believer. They glared; he glowed. They were enraged; he was enraptured. Their faces were contorted with anger; his was like the countenance of an angel. “Men and brothers,” he said […]

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