Anti-Semitic Pro-Hamas Demonstration in Florida

January 3rd, 2009 by

Editor’s Note: For a list of pro-Hamas demonstrations around America and the globe, click here

Tom Trento of posted this video of a December 30th pro-Hamas demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Israeli supporters are on one side of the street, with the Palestinian supporters on the other. The video shows the pro-Hamas crowd yelling “there is no Israel”, “nuke Israel, and “go to hell.” One young pro-Hamas woman can be seen yelling “go back to the oven” and “you need a big oven, that’s what you need” at the Israeli supporters, clearly referencing the Holocaust. Mr. Trento gives some opinion and analysis in the video, and be aware that it contains profanity: [Link to Video]

What could be behind such hatred?

In reality, there is only one way to explain anti-Semitism: The devil hates the Jews, and his demented nature is revealed in his treatment of the Jewish people. While many other nations and groups have felt the fury of his wrath, none have felt it so often, so consistently and so powerfully as have the Jews.

Islam thrives on hatred of Israel. Arab nations eagerly await Jihad (holy war). There must be a scapegoat for the ongoing Middle East crisis, and Israel will certainly be blamed. Why should Asia and Africa side with Israel? Why should South America unite with the Jews? What will keep the U.S.A. faithful? Why should Russia befriend a nation that is an enemy of its Middle Eastern friends? The devil is convincing the world that Israel is the problem. It’s time to get rid of the Jews!

— Michael L. Brown: Our Hands Are Stained With Blood

This is more than just a political disagreement, this is the American manifestation of a spiritual battle taking place. Let’s pray that those caught up in this demonically-inspired hatred would be converted heart, mind, and soul to the Lord Jesus, and be awakened to the fact that “salvation comes from the Jews.”

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