The Dissolution of Scientology in France?

July 4th, 2009 by

On Monday June 15th, the two leading prosecutors in a high-profile case between four former-‘disciples’ of the Church of Scientology and the Church itself called for the dissolution of the organization in France.

Many groups of society in France, which is a secular state under the first article of the Constitution, have been militantly anti-religion for generations and the campaign against Scientology is the latest output of their ‘laïcité’ (secularism.)

The case began when two or four former members  of the Church claimed that they had been conned, pursued and bullied upon leaving the Church. Fraud charges have been brought against the leaders of the organisation.

Scientology is not recognized as a religion by the neighboring German government, although there is disarray amongst the judges and courts as nobody seems to know what to do with the popular movement.

After her death (suspected suicide) of Gloria Lopez and the emergence of paperwork suggesting she had been offered to make a “financial transaction [to the organization] in exchange for the abandoning of her pursuit [by church members],” Lopez’ family have now filed a complaint against the Scientologists in France bringing the total number of high profile complaints to 5.

A judgement is expected in the next few months.

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