China: 13M Abortions Each Year

August 1st, 2009 by

Time Magazine sets the figure of abortions carried out in China every year at 13 million. Chinese National newspaper, The China Daily, however, says that actually the numbers of abortions are much higher with 10 million abortion pills being sold every year and an undisclosed, immeasurable number of abortions carried out in rural facilities.

With abortion figures as high as 23 million fetuses yearly, that is 7% of the American population, surely something is dramatically awry in China. Since 1979, the Chinese government has held in place a ‘one-child policy,’ that is to say, most families are allowed only one child (there are some exceptions.) Every family violating this rule is subject to increased taxes and other fines to deter couples from breaking the law in future.

The one-child policy, coupled with a culture quickly developing a liberal outlook towards casual sex, surely causes the rate of abortion to skyrocket.

How long will the Chinese government allow injustice caused by their policy?

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