Leonard Ravenhill on Evangelism and Revival

August 30th, 2009 by

Interview with Leonard Ravenhill from 1989: [Link to Video]

One quote from the video to take notice of:

The moral desolation in America and the stagnation in America is not due to the strength of Humanism, it’s because of the weakness of evangelism. People don’t get born again when they come to the altar. They come down then they leave it down. They’re not born. People can’t be born in 5 minutes, put off ten million sins and transgressions and violations of the law of God. They can’t change a way of life, put off the old man, put on the new man, by just standing there in tears.

As we continue to put forth efforts to reach the lost, confront evangelistic atheism, and build a “stone wall” of intercession to confront gay activism in society, we must remember that we’re not part of an institutional religion but a powerful spiritual community of people that have encountered the Living God and are forever changed. Have you had that encounter? Have you died to this world and been risen in Christ?

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