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Dr. Brown appeared on Wednesday’s edition of The Tyra Show.  You can view the segment he was on by clicking

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Much has been said already on the Tim Tebow ad that will air during the Super Bowl this year on

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Liberty Counsel is asking youth around the nation to participate in the annual Day of Purity on February 14th. According

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Did you know that having both a child’s mother and father involved in their life is of no real significance?

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Nathan Harden had this to say on the oftentimes anti-Christian Huffington Post: In today’s political landscape, we normally think of

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From Daniel Kolenda’s Cover the Earth YouTube Channel: Dr Chauncey Crandall is a nationally renowned cardiologist who is not only

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Burning Idols Idolatry in the West is often subtle, taking the form of addictions, money, power, etc… but in some

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Recently, one major Christan magazine editor mockingly spoke of the church’s “holiness heritage kick[ing] in” after someone comes to faith in Jesus because of the church being “deathly afraid of cheap grace.” In contrast […]

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Liberty From Sin, Not Liberty To Sin Jesus came to set us free! This is one of the fundamental truths

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Blameless On That Day Holiness and Love Justified believers are urged to pursue holiness. We are promised that the pure

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