Voice of Revolution Live-Tweeting Brown/Ehrman Debate

April 11th, 2010 by

In addition to the live webcast that will be available for the upcoming debate entitled The Great Debate: Does the Bible Provide an Adequate Answer to the Problem of Suffering? between Bart Ehrman and Michael L. Brown (register here to view the webcast), Voice of Revolution will be live-tweeting the event as well. To follow the debate via twitter, follow our twitter account here: http://twitter.com/v_o_r. We’ll be using #TheGreatDebate as the event hashtag as well, for those that want to weigh in on the debate.

Pray for God to be glorified, and for the truth to be propertly articulated. According to Michael Brown:

The goal for me is not to win a debate or to look good but to magnify the Lord and, by the Spirit of God, see many people drawn to Him. May God’s light and love and truth prevail! May Jesus be exalted!

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