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Guess what week this is? It’s “No Name-Calling Week,” brought to you by GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education

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The story of Melissa Ohden, who was aborted after 5 months in the womb, and survived: [Link to Video] Find

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An abortion doctor is charged with 8 counts of murder, including 7 counts of murder due to “illegal late term

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Read more about Yubelina, the Indonesian follower of Jesus pictured above who was badly burned after an attack by Muslims

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“…. according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus.” -Rom. 2.16b
Is it remarkable to us that Paul conveys the reality of God’s judgment as a crucial component of his “gospel”? […]

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Former Director of the Bryan, Texas Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson, recently released a book chronicling her transformation from Planned Parenthood

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According to a recent study, unborn twin babies socialize as early as week 14 of gestation. The scientists that conducted

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A biography of Leonard Ravenhill written by Mack Tomlinson is now available for purchase. To order the book entitled In

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For those that can stomach it, check out the video below to see clips from anti-semitic Arabic television shows (warning,

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