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A biography of Leonard Ravenhill written by Mack Tomlinson is now available for purchase. To order the book entitled In Light of Eternity: The Life of Leonard Ravenhill, click here.

Who was Leonard Ravenhill? AW Tozer summed him up well:

Those who know Leonard Ravenhill will recognize in him the religious specialist, the man sent from God not to carry on the conventional work of the church, but to beard the priests of Baal on their own mountain-top, to shame the careless priest at the altar, to face the false prophet and warn the people who are being led astray by him.

Such a man as this is not an easy companion.

…he cannot turn off the burden of the Holy Ghost as one would turn off a faucet. He insists upon being a Christian all the time, everywhere; and again, that marks him out as different.

The video below is from the book’s website.  Watch it, and allow the story and words of Leonard Ravenhill into your spirit:

[Link to Video]

Below are some select Ravenhill quotes, particularly relevant in this hour:

“No man – I don’t care how colossal his intellect – No man is greater than his prayer life.”

“The world has lost the power to blush over its vice; the Church has lost her power to weep over it.”

“A man who is intimate with God will never be intimidated by men.”

“Many of us are hunting mice – while lions devour the land.”

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