‘A Queer Thing Happened to America’ News Coverage & Feedback

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Dr. Michael Brown’s new book, ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been’, which was released on March 15th, has garnered the following news coverage and feedback, of various tones …

From the Christian Post:

In writing the book, he … chides the church for demonizing homosexuality and calls on it to repent of its sins against the gay community.

At the same time, he believes the LGBT issue is the greatest challenge to religious freedoms and family foundations in this generation, and Christians must not ignore it.

From gay activist newspaper Q-Notes (written of course prior to the author reading the book):

I expect Brown’s book … to paint a wholly inaccurate and woefully biased and prejudiced picture of LGBT people in this country.

From Washington DC’s TBDTV (note the strange sarcasm):

Brown is hawking the book as “so controversial that no major publisher was willing to touch it”—for Brown’s take-down of “pro-gay” forces is so well-researched and mild-mannered that it threatens to dismantle the gay lobby once and for all!

And finally, from the vitriolic gay activist team of Hurst and Besen at Truth Wins Out, who seem to delight in judging the intentions of men they don’t know.

From Evan Hurst:

Goodness, SEVEN HUNDRED pages on God Hates Fags? Wow.

Anyway, let me tell y’all a little something about Michael Brown, because he will very likely show up in the comments section to this piece, so starved for attention is he. He is absolutely, bizarrely obsessed with “dialoguing” with gay people, but he is not a good egg. He loves to pull people into long, drawn-out debates wherein he clings to the idea that he is exhibiting the “love of Christ,” when it is obviously anything but, and really just wastes people’s time. He does not actually care about gay people, at least not in a human way. He cares in that sick, fundamentalist way that says “I care enough about you to try to convince you to deny your true self and your humanity for the sake of my worn-out, disproven, harmful ideology.”

From Wayne Besen, TWO’s founder:

Michael Brown is a pompous ego maniac and a long winded stage horse. I’ve met him. What a self-righteous bore.

The fundie publishing houses usually buy their own books or some version of this deceptive practice to make it look like they have a popular book – when they don’t.

Did the last three articles mentioned, from mainstream gay activist voices, cause you to stop and wonder how such words of accusation, mockery, and libel could be written publicly without any of the authors even making an attempt to read the book, or (seemingly) really hear the heart and intentions of the man behind it? Did it cause you to question how we got here in the first place, where these are the voices of ‘tolerance,’ while we are labeled voices of ‘hate?’ Then get a copy of A Queer Thing Happened to America, and find out for yourself (and for the record, Brown’s publishing company did not, of course, buy its own books from Amazon as was alleged by Besen, for more on that, listen to today’s Line of Fire show where this was mentioned).

We pray for Evan Hurst, Wayne Besen, and Matt Comer, that they may experience the true blessings of God in their lives!

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