More Positive & Negative Feedback on ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America’

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A Queer Thing Happened to America has been out for 2 months now, and feedback continues to come in (see here for previous coverage of the book).  A review of the book was posted by Christian commentator Bill Muehlenberg on his site on May 16th.  Below is a section from it:

All in all, this book is a devastating rebuttal of the homosexualist agenda. It is filled with many hundreds of quotations from the homosexual press, from homosexual activists, and from reputable medical and scientific journals. It is one long volume allowing the other side to speak for itself, condemning itself in the process.

There are very few people who are still qualified to write a book like this today. One needs to be a careful scholar, a person of courage and conviction, aware of social trends and movements, filled with God’s love and compassion, and dedicated to telling truth in the public arena, even when it is very costly to do so.

Fortunately Michael Brown fully meets these qualifications. Thus his new book can be recommended without reservation. It deserves the very widest hearing. Well done Dr Brown.

The Gay Christian Movement Watch blog discussed the book as well:

In April, just a month after Dr. Brown interviewed with Sid Roth, the California Senate passed Senate Bill 58. This legislation would require California public schools to add gay history to its already overcrowded curriculm. This bill is now waiting to be approved by the California State Assembly. A Queer Thing is Always Happening in California that is for sure… This is further confirmation of what Dr. Michael Brown has spoken in his interview and written about in his book.

With regard to negative feedback, gay activist sympathizer Kathy Baldock did a lengthy review of each chapter on her blog, Canyonwalker Connections.  A response from Dr. Brown was posted here a few days ago. Below is a section from his response:

Kathy continues,

I think AQTHTA manipulates the facts, presents the worst of situations, travels to the fringes to find the extremes and  interjects damaging oddball situations and thinking to  horribly skew and demonize an entire class of people, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.  And, the cover is wildly offensive.

To the contrary, I did not go to the fringes or cherry pick but rather gave a fair representation of the whole, as much as possible, with constant qualifying remarks so as to avoid any stereotyping. And there is not a single fact cited that has been manipulated. As for the cover, I understand that Kathy finds it wildly offensive, but we surveyed many people from all walks of life – including gays and lesbians – and the cover was quite popular with almost all of them. Had we consistently heard from people that it was wildly offensive – as opposed to eye-catching and inviting – we would have used a different cover.

Gay activist website Ex-Gay Watch posted an article concerning the book in which the author is assured that they know what the quality and veractiy of the contents will be without reading it, saying:

Brown and his supporters will probably protest that I haven’t yet read the book. I know enough of Brown, the movement he represents, and what I’ve read about the book so far to confidently predict what kind of thing it contains and how accurate it is. I’ve based my comments only on what I know so far, and I’m not building up my hopes of finding anything different in the book itself.

The feedback is, to this point, to be expected. Conservative Christian commentators are sympathetic to the book and its claims, while pro-gay commentators are dismissive of its contents and the points it and Brown are making.  What will be of greater interest to me personally will be to see if a few key people will get hold of a copy of the book, lay hold of its contents, and seek to change the course of our nation through the means given to them, with regard to sexuality, gender distinctions, and covenantal marriage in law and culture.

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