The “Every Morning” Summons

November 16th, 2011 by

“Every morning I will silence all the wicked of the land, so as to cut off from the city of the Lord all those who do iniquity.” -Ps. 101.8

There is a remarkable call within this word from King David. He is singing from the authority of a Kingly Throne in Jerusalem, and His governmental position has little to do with our everyday experience, but there is a heavenly value system being propounded here, and it has everything to do with our calling as the people of God.

I find it awesome that David’s governmental thoughts are intertwined with the value system of the Heavenly Kingdom. David is wanting to silence or destroy “all the wicked of the land,” which he defines earlier as those who set “worthless things” before their eyes, “those who fall away,” those with “perverse hearts,” those who “slander their neighbors,” those with “haughty looks” and “arrogant hearts,” and those who “practice deceit” and “speak falsehood.”

David had responsibility over the land of Judah, and he did not want to see any form of wickedness taking root among his people. He did not wink at immorality or tolerate the haughty and lying tenor of his generation.

We have responsibility over the land of our own hearts, yet how often are believers removed from this kind of vigilant jealousy for the reality of God’s government? How often are we entertained by those with haughty looks and arrogant hearts? How often do we admire and esteem actors or sports figures or co-workers who practice deceit and speak falsehood? Are we envious of what they possess? Are we coveting popularity or riches or some other quality that the old King of Israel would’ve called a “worthless thing?”

We need daily to have our mentality and paradigm altered in the place of prayer, wherein we encounter the One who makes all things new. “Every morning” we need to prostrate our souls before the King of the New Jerusalem, to disown our petty jealousies, lusts, and self-centric fantasies. We need to be converted and brought onto His holy ground, to destroy all wicked attributes from the land of our hearts.

This thread of Davidic thought weaved its way through the New Testament as well, when Jesus called us to “take up the cross daily,” and the seasoned apostle set the example by declaring, “I die daily.” We are keen on big religious events, but the foundational men of the Scriptures had a consciousness of the “dailiness” of true obedience, in great publicity or total obscurity.

We are called and privileged to walk with God, not merely to have a blowout spiritual event every once and a while. Jesus took up the cross daily. Paul died daily. David sought to eradicate the wicked of the land daily. So also are we called, and when we respond so utterly, that is when our Christianity transitions from being the religion of our choice, to the true power of God Himself, and the ultimate reality of authentic faith.

David’s motive was not for religious accolades, nor was it a self-righteous expression of his personal piety. His passion for the destruction of wickedness was the result of his yearning after the living God, and this he sets forth in the second verse:

“I will give heed to the blameless way.
When will You come to me?”

Do not embark on your days without first dying to the spirit of this age, dear saint. Find a quiet place to sing praises to the Lamb, to enter into the work of intercession, to wait before Him in holy adoration, and to delve deeply into the Scriptures. Take up David’s burden and heart, that “every morning” would be for the silencing of wickedness, and the ardent pursuit of the only One who is worth the full investment of our souls.

He will make all things new, transmit His own life, love, and holiness to your person, and you will emerge from the dust of the secret prayer closet with the light of heaven upon your soul. “Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit….”

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