January 26th, 2010 by M. French

Much has been said already on the Tim Tebow ad that will air during the Super Bowl this year on CBS, so I’ll just point out one interesting quote from an ABC news article published today:

Karen Middlekauff, a UF law student and the president of Outlaw, an organization for College of Law LGBT students, said she believes that Tebow is still a representative of UF, and he has chosen to represent a viewpoint that shouldn’t be associated with the university.

What is the “viewpoint” Tebow is putting forth that “shouldn’t be associated with the university”? According to People Magazine:

The spot … is expected to tell the story of Pam Tebow, who became ill during her pregnancy with Tim but refused doctor recommendations to have an abortion.

Doctors recommend the death of a child in his mother’s womb, mother refuses advice and with faith and hope goes forth with the pregnancy, child grows up to be a strong, bold leader respected everywhere. Hmmm… this is not what an LGBT leader wants her university to be associated with? What exactly is hateful or wrong with this ad? This is bizarre.

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