May 31st, 2011 by M. French

Below is a video from James White broken up into three parts which shows White interacting with a video from Young-Earth Creation Science advocate Kent Hovind on the history of the Bible, and why the King James Version of the Bible is the “real” Bible. Dr. White has interacted extensively with King James Onlyists, writing a book on the subject and engaging in debates, and so he is thoroughly versed in their arguments and mindset.

What I find particularly important about this video, other than serving as a thoroughly amusing debunking of a common KJV-Only line of reasoning, is what Dr. White mentions in part 3 concerning the danger of this sort of simplistic, factually deficient teaching:

The reason i address this… is that a person who believes this, could never defend this against a knowledgeable opponent to Christianity. A Bart Ehrman would feast on this really bad information, as would a Shabir Ally, Muslims and secularists. We can’t be producing this kind of bad apologetic and putting it out there. Can you imagine a young person, and this is all they have, and they go into a secular situation? They are going to be destroyed, because they were not given the right information, and that’s what makes it really important.

Below then is the video from Kent Hovind, with responses from Dr. White interspersed. The purpose in posting this is not to go after Kent Hovind, but rather to show why we need to get our facts straight when presenting our reasons for believing what we do, and be lovers of truth before being defenders of our positions. As we present our positions in the cultural landscape of ideas, we must do our research!

Part 1:

[Link to Video]

Part 2:
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Part 3:
[Link to Video]

BTW, if after watching part 3, you’re intrigued as to how a Christian book could be described as “the single most error ridden book I’ve ever read in English,” check out this video from a debate between White and Riplinger, for an example of some remarkable KJV-Only “God-given” acrostic algebra from the book Hovind mentions as a recommended resource.

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