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The Inner Life (Crucified)

I would say that the greatest temptation is to be without temptations.  The greatest onslaught is to be without any onslaught at all.  Therefore be glad when you are assaulted.  With resignation, peace and consistency…abide.  There, in internal regions, walk and live.

You must walk the path of temptation.  You will not walk down this road very far before you discover that the most internal parts of you are scattered; scattered and active, moving from one thing to another.

Collect yourself in His presence with the one purpose and intent of loving Him.  Come to Him as one who is giving himself to God.  The consistency of true prayer is in faith, and in waiting on Him.  First you believe that you are in His presence.  You believe that you are turning to Him with all your heart.  And you wait there before Him, tranquilly.

You can expect to suffer through problems of a multitude of thoughts, problems of the imagination, provocation of your natural desires, and problems of an inward life that is very dry.  All of these temptations must yield to the spirit.

And if it seems to you that you have done nothing in the time that you have set aside for the Lord, do not be deceived.  A good heart-a firmness in prayer-is something that is very pleasing to your Lord.  When we come to the Lord in this way we labor without personal interest.  We are as the young men who work in the field with their father.  At the end of the day, unlike the hired labor, we receive no pay.  But at the end of the year, we enjoy all things.

When there is no emotional experience nor intellectual insight into His way, the enemy may suggest to you that God has not spoken.  But your Lord is not impressed with a multitude of words.  He is impressed with the purity of the intent of your heart.  He wishes to see the inward part of you humbled, quiet, and totally surrendered to Him and to His will, whatever it may be.

There are those people who have begun a practice of collecting their inmost being but turned away from it almost immediately because they did not find any pleasure in it!  There was no sense of God, there was no power, there was no sense of being pleased with their own thought, or being impressed with the way they formed their words and sentences to God.  Actually all of these approaches to God are nothing but a hunt for sensible pleasures.  This, to God, is but self -love and seeking after self. It is really not seeking after God at all.

But the less you care for the outward thrills of spiritual things…ah, here is something which delights the Lord.

Your daily occupations are not contrary to your Lord’s will.  Your occupation is not against the resignation to His will, which you presented to Him.  You see, resignation encompasses all the activities of our daily life.  Whether it be study, reading, preaching, earning your living, doing business, or the like…you are resigned to whatever it is that comes into your life each day, each hour, each moment.

If you are drawn away from Him-if you are drawn away from prayer-revert to God, return to God, return to His presence- then renew an act of faith and renew an acquiescence to His will.  You will never attain to the mountain of internal peace if you govern yourself according to your own will. This self-nature of your soul must be conquered.  There must come a holocaust of your own values and judgments and will. It would be better that you gather dung by obedience than be caught up into the third heaven by your own will.

Obedience that is pure has no personal interest or thought of gain for oneself.  Pure obedience is solely for the gain of God.

~Molinos (100 DAYS IN THE SECRET PLACE, Introduced and compiled by Gene Edwards; Destiny Image Publishers)

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