February 26th, 2010 by M. French

Pro-life activist Flip Benham (pictured in white above) gives the story behind this picture, which has been featured in advertisements for a new Fox News show (watch it here), below:

This picture has received a lot of play recently on the Fox News Network as an advertisement for the Megyn Kelly Show.  It was taken outside of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization – the last abortion mill in the state of Mississippi.  It is amazing because it reverses the stereo typical roles of the mainstream media’s portrayal of Christian pro-life activists.  Who is screaming at who?  It paints an entirely different picture of what really happens at abortion mills when Christians take their places outside the “gates of hell.”

Most of the time, gentle Christian warriors are portrayed as bigoted, screaming, in your face, wild-eyed lunatics bent on terrorizing women, blowing-up abortion mills, and shooting abortionists.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But to explain this to folks who have already made up their mind is almost impossible.  A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

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October 12th, 2009 by M. French

The New York Times published a fair article about murdered pro-life activist James Pouillon and the pro-life protest movement in general.  One of the more interesting sections of the article states :

This is a particularly American brand of faith: confrontational and action oriented. The most cited verses come not from the Gospels detailing the life of Jesus Christ but from the Old Testament prophets. Mr. Gallagher said he was inspired by Jeremiah 7, where the Lord says Israel’s “people, animals, trees, and crops will be consumed by the unquenchable fire of my anger.”

Nancy Keenan, president of Naral Pro-Choice America, said she worried that the emphasis on judgment provides tacit approval for violence, like the recent killing of Dr. George R. Tiller, an abortion provider in Kansas.

But Mr. Gallagher, 60, a white-bearded father of six, disagreed. He said Christianity must be emphasized because churches are the only institutions with the power to put abortion clinics out of business. Like Mr. Pouillon, who often protested outside congregations on Sunday mornings, Mr. Gallagher said far too many Christians nodded, but did not act.

“It really can end,” he said of abortion, “if all the Christians just went out there for seven days in a row to tell the truth peacefully.”

It seems quite amusing that the reporter believes the faith of Abortion protesters is “a particularly American brand,” as if only American Christians would stand up as salt and light in their land when bloodshed is being sanctioned politically and culturally (though the tide is shifting culturally).  Overall, however, it is a pleasant surprise to see them actually treating pro-life protesters with some level of dignity and respect.  DriveThru, CitizenLink’s blog, commented:

What we don’t often see is a major newspaper – particularly the New York Times – giving front page, eye-catching real estate to a civilized article about the varied paths many people take to become life advocates.

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