October 12th, 2009 by M. French

The New York Times published a fair article about murdered pro-life activist James Pouillon and the pro-life protest movement in general.  One of the more interesting sections of the article states :

This is a particularly American brand of faith: confrontational and action oriented. The most cited verses come not from the Gospels detailing the life of Jesus Christ but from the Old Testament prophets. Mr. Gallagher said he was inspired by Jeremiah 7, where the Lord says Israel’s “people, animals, trees, and crops will be consumed by the unquenchable fire of my anger.”

Nancy Keenan, president of Naral Pro-Choice America, said she worried that the emphasis on judgment provides tacit approval for violence, like the recent killing of Dr. George R. Tiller, an abortion provider in Kansas.

But Mr. Gallagher, 60, a white-bearded father of six, disagreed. He said Christianity must be emphasized because churches are the only institutions with the power to put abortion clinics out of business. Like Mr. Pouillon, who often protested outside congregations on Sunday mornings, Mr. Gallagher said far too many Christians nodded, but did not act.

“It really can end,” he said of abortion, “if all the Christians just went out there for seven days in a row to tell the truth peacefully.”

It seems quite amusing that the reporter believes the faith of Abortion protesters is “a particularly American brand,” as if only American Christians would stand up as salt and light in their land when bloodshed is being sanctioned politically and culturally (though the tide is shifting culturally).  Overall, however, it is a pleasant surprise to see them actually treating pro-life protesters with some level of dignity and respect.  DriveThru, CitizenLink’s blog, commented:

What we don’t often see is a major newspaper – particularly the New York Times – giving front page, eye-catching real estate to a civilized article about the varied paths many people take to become life advocates.

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May 26th, 2009 by M. French

Prop 8 has been upheld in California! The same-sex “marriages” that went into effect before Prop 8 will remain legally recognized, however. According to the Long Beach Press-Telegram:

The California Supreme Court today upheld the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the voter-approved measure that banned same- sex marriage in the state, but the court also ruled that the unions of roughly 18,000 same-sex couples who were wed last year will remain valid.

Despite the conclusions in the 186-page ruling, the battle over same-sex marriage in California is likely to continue, with supporters insisting they will try to get the matter back on the ballot, or possibly try to appeal the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Expect gay activists to protest the ruling around the country, a campaign called Day of Decision has been planning events to either celebrate or protest today’s decision. Below are a list of cities that have Day of Decision events planned. If you live in or near one of the cities, see if you can take a bit of time to minister to these folks as they protest, showing them that we are not “mean-spirited bigots,” but instead Jesus-followers that love them and our community enough to keep marriage a male/female union.  Click on a link to find out where the protest will be held in your community.

1. Anchorage
2. Phoenix
3. Tucson
4. Auburn
5. Bakersfield [x3 event locations in Bakersfield]
6. Big Bear Lake
7. Chico
8. Claremont
9. Concord
10. Danville
11. Davis
12. Delano
13. Escondido (North Inland San Diego County) (Note: Event was not canceled, new facebook)
14. Eureka (Humboldt County)
15. Fairfield
16. Fort Bragg
17. Fresno
18. Hermosa Beach (South Bay)
19. Hollister
20. Lakeport
21. Long Beach
22. Los Angeles County (x5 locations: Downtown, East LA, UCLA, WeHo, Santa Monica)
23. Modesto
24. Monrovia
25. Monterey
26. Napa
27. Norwalk
28. Oakland
Orange County
29. Palo Alto [2 events, day & evening, same location]
30. Palm Springs
31. Pasadena
32. Pittsburg (Contra Costa County)
33. Rancho Cucamonga (Inland Empire-Riverside & San Bernardino Counties)
34. Redding
35. Sacramento
36. Salinas
37. San Diego (Note: Event was not canceled, new facebook)
38. San Francisco (Marin County)
39. San Jose
40. San Luis Obispo
41. San Mateo
42. Santa Ana (Orange County)
43. Santa Barbara (South Santa Barbara County)
44. Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz County)
45. Santa Maria (North Santa Barbara County)
46. Santa Monica
47. Santa Rosa
48. Stanford
49. Stockton
50. Temecula
51. Thousand Oaks
52. Ukiah
53. Ventura
54. Visalia
55. Walnut Creek
56. Watsonville
57. West Hollywood, LA
58. Boulder
59. Denver
60. New Haven
61. Fort Meyers
62. Lake Worth
63. Sarasota
64. Tampa Bay/Hillsborough
65. Tampa Bay/Pinellas
66. Atlanta
67. Moscow
68. Champaign-Urbana
69. Chicago
70. Peoria
71. Springfield
72. Bloomington
73. Indianapolis
74. Lexington
75. Louisville

76. New Orleans
77. Boston
78. Northampton
79. Lansing
80. Kalamazoo
81. Joplin
82. St. Louis
83. Las Vegas
84. Reno
New York
85. Albany
86. Ithaca
87. New York City
88. Rochester
89. Kent
90. Portland
Rhode Island
91. Providence
South Carolina
92. Columbia
93. Austin
94. Dallas
95. Denton
96. Houston
97. San Antonio
98. Salt Lake City


99. Charlottesville
100. Richmond
101. Bellingham
102. Seattle
103. Spokane
US Capitol
104. Washington D.C.
105. Toronto, ON Canada
106. Vancouver, BC Canada

106 Total Day of Decision City Events:
104 U.S. City events
+2 Canadian City events
25 States + D.C.
54+ California City events

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May 16th, 2009 by Bethany French

President Obama has so far largely avoided taking a public stand on his views regarding abortion, using the distraction created by the economic situation facing the U.S. as well as moderate rhetoric to avoid a direct confrontation from pro-life Americans. However, he has already passed many pro-abortion bills and reversed several of former President Bush’s pro-life regulations during his short time in office, and plans to continue. The focus on his stance on the abortion issue has been coming back into the public eye in the past few weeks due to two events, however: Notre Dame has engaged President Obama to give the commencement speech at their graduation this spring, and Supreme Court Judge David Souter is retiring, giving the President a chance to appoint a Supreme Court Justice (a lifetime appointment).

Many pro-life supporters are upset that Notre Dame (as arguably the most prominent Catholic University in the United States) has invited the President to speak, since most Catholics (including the Vatican) are passionately pro-life; this has refocused the attention of much of the nation on the issue of abortion, and the President’s actions. There are pro-life protests being organized at the University of Notre Dame that address not only abortion as an issue and Obama’s pushing pro-choice legislation, but also their disappointment with Notre Dame for hosting an aggressively pro-choice speaker at commencement. Advisors to the President suggest that he address the issue directly in part of the speech he will make at commencement, due to the recent outcry. However, even if President Obama does approach the issue, it is likely that all we will see is more of his “Moderate rhetoric, hard-left policies,” as Kansas senator Sam Brownback puts it, rather than an accurate portrayal of the views that have governed his actions as president thus far.

Obama’s goals to date seem to have been to keep the focus on the economy and other interests as he has pushed for pro-choice legislation quickly but quietly, while verbally painting himself as taking a moderate stand on the issue. His actions continue to indicate his true far-left views on abortion issues, as the New York Times points out (emphasis mine):

Mr. Obama frames his position on abortion as a nuanced one — he calls it a “a moral and ethical issue” best left to women and doctors — and he envisions himself forging consensus around causes like reducing unintended pregnancies and promoting adoption. As president, Mr. Obama, who during the campaign answered a question about when human life begins by saying it was “above my pay grade,” has tried to straddle the abortion divide. He has done so partly by reaching out to religious conservatives, partly by avoiding the most contentious legislative battles and partly by reversing the policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush, a faithful ally of abortion opponents, in piecemeal fashion — all while the nation has been consumed by the economic crisis.

He has named abortion rights advocates to top jobs; Dawn Johnsen, a former legal director of Naral Pro-Choice America, is his pick to run the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. He has repealed the so-called Mexico City rule, which prohibited tax dollars from going to organizations that provide abortions overseas; lifted Mr. Bush’s limits on embryonic stem cell research; stripped financing for abstinence-only sex education; and is seeking to undo a last-minute Bush regulation giving broad protections to health providers who refuse to take part in abortions.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said she told allies that their movement was emerging from “eight years in the wilderness.”

Clearly, Ms. Richards has no illusions about where Obama’s loyalty truly lies.

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