KKK and Nazi Associations

November 4th, 2008 by

We’ve been looking at the reality of an activist homosexual strategy to change society in the series Is There a Gay Agenda?, and in particular the 1989 homosexual publication After the Ball from Madsen and Kirk. What have been the results of this movement in our society? Consider the following letter to the editor sent to the Charlotte Observer on February 21st, 2007 protesting the use of the Booth Playhouse for the lecture series Homosexuality, the Church, and Society:

Why rent Blumenthal for gay-bashing talks?

The writer is associate professor, UNC Charlotte Department of Dance and Theatre.

In response to “Group plans lecture series to protest gay-lesbian fundraiser” (Feb. 16):

So the Performing Arts Center has decided to rent space in the Booth Playhouse to conservative Christians who want to counter the “homosexual agenda.” Can we soon expect Klan Kapers and Holocaust-deniers Hoedowns?

Would someone please ask the Arts & Science Council why these uptown theaters are empty and thus available for hate groups? Why has local theater never received ASC support on a par with dance, opera and the symphony? This bloated organization is more concerned with perpetuating itself with fund drives than with fostering arts groups that could fill these theaters.

Are the theaters empty also because the Observer continues to marginalize theater and arts coverage? The most theater coverage in recent years has been your misinformed pursuit of scandal at the late Charlotte Rep.

How can Dr. Brown, a full-blooded Jew who has written extensively against Anti-Semitism, be compared to KKK members and Holocaust-deniers simply for discussing these issues? Consider the following look at how these moral associations have become so ingrained in our corporate psyche, with a look at the letter in question:

Be aware that much of the wider culture considers anyone that believes homosexuality is sinful to be a bigot… and thus we have lost the debate before it has even begun! We need to redefine the discussion in our generation, armed with the facts and a humble Christ-like character, that we might be able to submit a different voice into the cultural landscape of ideas.

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