Voice of Revolution Looks at Prophets and Prophecy

November 11th, 2008 by

The latest edition of our online magazine is now available, focusing in on the very important and controversial issue of prophets and prophetic ministry today.

Are there bona fide prophets in our midst? If so, how do we relate to them? How do they relate to the Body as a whole? What about the characteristics of New Testament prophets? How can all of us as believers learn to be more sensitive to the voice of God and become a prophetic people? And how does all prophecy ultimately point us to Jesus and His vision for this world?

These questions demand solid, practical, biblically-based answers, so dig into these articles, get involved in the discussion, and share the VOR with your friends!

Take a sneak peak at Dr. Brown’s soon to be released commentary on the Book of Jeremiah, thanks to Zondervan publishers, in Entering the World of Jeremiah.

Andrew Yeoman takes a look at the role of New Testament Prophets and Prophecy as put forth in Scripture in The Heart of Prophecy.

Christy Scott encourages the Church to hold on to God’s prophetic promises in Have You Heard Voices?

Bryan Purtle considers the question “What Manner of Man is the Prophet?” with excerpts from the writings of Abraham J. Heschel in The Prophet’s Cosmic View.

Finally, VOR’s Editor proposes a shift in thinking concerning evangelism and doctrine in The Prophetic Gospel.

For further in-depth teaching on the subject of prophets and prophecy, make sure to check out Dr. Brown’s audio teaching series: Prophets and Prophetic Ministry.

In Him,

Marcus French


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