“Love Won Out” and “Truth Wins Out” in Charlotte

February 2nd, 2009 by

Focus on the Family will be holding a Love Won Out conference February 21st at the Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina. In response, Truth Wins Out will be holding a “protest rally” entitled Pray Away the Gay on the 19th at the Lesbian & Gay Community Center in Charlotte.  An email sent out by Focus on the Family announcing the Love Won Out Conference, and a screenshot from the Truth Wins Out Facebook event are below:

Focus on the Family to Host
Love Won Out Conference

Homosexuality is one of the most difficult issues many individuals, families and churches face today. Popular culture tells us it’s simply an alternative way to live. Mainstream media promote it as genetic and unchangeable. And the pro-gay movement seeks to politicize the education system, alter biblical truth regarding sexual behavior and redefine the meaning of marriage and family.

If the issues surrounding homosexuality are personally relevant to you, or someone in your family or a friend is living homosexually, it’s time to make plans to attend Focus on the Family’s longest-running conference, Love Won Out. We’ll be in Charlotte, N.C. on Saturday, Feb. 21.

The Charlotte conference marks our 53rd national event. It’s led by those who have overcome homosexuality and other experts from across the country. We will share the hopeful message that change is possible for those dissatisfied with living homosexually, and offer encouragement and practical help to parents, siblings, co-workers and others who want to love their gay-identified relatives and friends without compromising their Christian beliefs about sexuality.

To learn more about Love Won Out, or to sign up for the conference, please visit our Web site.

We hope you’ll be with us.

Melissa Fryrear, M.Div.
Director of Gender Issues
Focus on the Family

In addition, the Human Rights Campaign will be holding their annual Carolinas Gala, featuring North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan as their keynote speaker, on the same day as the Love Won Out Conference (though it should be noted that the conference was not scheduled in response to the Carolinas Gala, in fact, neither Dr. Brown nor the other leaders from Love Won Out were even aware of the fact that the two events were scheduled for the same day until a few months ago, well after it was scheduled). Needless to say, these will be a key few days in Charlotte with regard to homosexual issues. Pray that the truth would triumph, and the lies that keep people in bondage to homosexuality would be exposed.

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