“Love Won Out” Protest in Charlotte

February 14th, 2009 by

Following the Pray Away the Gay” “protest rally” on February 19th, CRANE (Charlotte Rainbow Action Network for Equality), will be hosting “a short non-violence training” for a silent protest that will be held outside of the Love Won Out conference from 11am – 2pm on February 21st.  The Facebook event for the protest states:

CRANE will present a non-violent, silent protest of Focus on the Family and Exodus International conference, Love Won Out, in front of Central Church of God, 5301 Sardis Road Charlotte, NC 28270.

CRANE has teamed up with several local and national organizations to counter the lies and myths of the “ex-gay” industry in Charlotte.

“These programs sell false hope and take advantage of desperate and vulnerable people who just want acceptance from loved ones,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “Love Won Out’s dangerous sexual engineering campaign is ineffective, psychologically damaging and confuses stereotypes with science. We hope to educate the community and provide people with accurate and reliable information.”

Pray that God would cause a spirit of repentance to arise in protesters like these who are actively seeking to be stumbling blocks… encouraging people in their sin, and keeping people from wholeness and holiness.

Protests like these have been held before, and thankfully, some of the protesters have actually taken time to listen to the message that Love Won Out actually puts forth. Consider this story from a young gay man that was protesting outside a Love Won Out conference in San Diego:

At a conference in Pasadena, a volunteer approached one of our staff and shared how Love Won Out changed his life. Several years prior, at a LWO conference in San Diego, this young man was participating in the protest outside the church where our event was held. He wanted to hear what we were saying, so he paid the registration fee to enter the conference. As he sat through the sessions, and especially after hearing Mike Haleys personal story of walking away from homosexuality, he gave his life to the Lord and vowed to overcome this in his own life. He contacted a local Exodus ministry and began his journey. Years later, he volunteered for our event in Pasadena and shared his story with our team.

As has been said before… The Truth Will Triumph!

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