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June 9th, 2009 by

Dear Friends,

This coming Thursday night, June 11, the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Resource Center at Grand Valley State University in western Michigan will be hosting a panel discussion on “Religion and Homophobia: Spiritual Violence in our Community.” This event is scheduled to take place just two days before our Love Won Out conference in Grand Rapids, and the goal of the panel discussion is to discredit the notion that homosexual men and women can find freedom and transformation in Jesus.

Simply stated, those who have been invited by the university to participate on the panel share the same basic views, namely, that the Bible is not against loving, homosexual relationships and that it is “spiritual violence” to tell homosexuals that change is possible through the gospel.

As reported on CitizenLink.org , Focus on the Family is calling on Jeanne Arnold, vice president for Inclusion and Equity at the university, to include the Love Won Out perspective in its panel discussion.

“The ‘Religion and Homophobia’ panel discussion seems awfully one-sided for an event sponsored by the school’s ‘inclusion and equity’ department,” wrote Gary Schneeberger, vice president of media and public relations at Focus on the Family, in a message to Arnold. “I’m writing to ask you to extend an invitation to Dr. Michael Brown, one of the speakers at Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference, to bring some true diversity to this important discussion.”

May I make a personal appeal to each of you to take two minutes and send a note to the university, asking them to allow for our perspective to be brought to this discussion? Click HERE to take action now! You can also call Jeanne J. Arnold, vice president for inclusion and equity, at (616) 331-3296. (Please remember to be extremely gracious when you call, simply leaving a message requesting that I be added to the panel discussion.)

I know of hardly any group of people who are under more attack and who suffer more discrimination than those who have come out of homosexuality – often called ex-gays – and we are simply working to get their voice heard at the university in two days. It is my privilege to be asked to represent them!

So, please take this to the Lord in prayer right now, asking for His truth to triumph, and then take a couple of minutes to send a request (or place a call) to the university.

Thank you in advance for your solidarity!

In Him,

Dr. Michael L. Brown

*Be sure also to mark July 25th on your calendars and plan to join us in Charlotte as, by God’s grace, we make history together at our God Has a Better Way rally.

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