LaBarbera Shares on Recent Lecture

September 24th, 2009 by

Peter LaBarbera, head of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, shared some thoughts on Dr. Brown’s recent presentation at AFTAH’s “monthly dinner-lecture” on his blog today:


Folks, Dr. Michael Brown gave an excellent presentation at AFTAH’s monthly dinner-lecture last week. We hope to post a YouTube on Dr. Brown’s succinct and compelling response to my question on the “Big Three” hostile questions thrown at Christians who defend the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexual conduct:

  1. “But Jesus Christ never said anything about homosexuality”;
  2. “Why should we believe the Old Testament says about homosexuality when it also bans wearing polyester and eating shellfish?”; and
  3. “You Christians are so judgmental.”

Dr. Brown, a world renowned biblical scholar, hit it out of the park. He also challenged what he calls the “celebration of ambiguity”in describing neo-evangelicals’ and the “Emergent Church’s” evasive and equivocating — and unbiblical — positioning on the issue of homosexuality.

If you can think of it, pray for Peter, as he regularly gets hammered by gay activists in horrendous ways for his work (they’ve nicknamed him “Porno Pete”).

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