Senate Votes to Proceed with Abortion Funded Health Care

November 22nd, 2009 by

On November 21st, the U.S. Senate voted to proceed to Senator Harry Reid’s version of a government health care bill. The bill includes government funding for elective abortion. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins weighed in with the following:

“Forcing Americans to buy government approved health care insurance is arguably unconstitutional. Forcing Americans to fund abortion within the government plan is without question unconscionable. Disregarding the conscience concerns of the vast majority of Americans, the U.S. Senate, voted to proceed to Senator Reid’s new health care takeover bill. Recent polls including a CNN poll released last week shows more than 60% of Americans are opposed to the bill’s provisions that would create the largest expansion of abortion since the 1970s.

“Instead of including the bipartisan Stupak-Pitts amendment passed in the House to prevent this government expansion of abortion, Senator Reid included a watered down version of the Capps provision which would flood the coffers of the abortion industry. The Senate should instead adopt the Stupak-Pitts language which would maintain the status quo first established over 30 years ago. Additionally, the Reid bill undermines conscience protections for pro-life health plans and doctors.

“It was disappointing to see pro-life Senators Bill Nelson (D-NE) and Bob Casey (D-PA) vote to advance a bill that will vastly expand abortion in America with federal dollars. The burden to protect taxpayers and the unborn from a massive expansion of abortion, as provided for in this bill, now rest upon the shoulders of Senators Nelson and Casey. It is imperative that they stand on principle. ”

Over the summer I was stopped in downtown Charlotte by an Obama campaigner out soliciting support for the president’s health care bill. When I said I was unwilling to support something that would provide taxpayer-funded abortions, she assured me that it would never do such a thing. Hmmm….

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