TheCall Sacramento: September 3-4, 2010

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I’ve been at meetings the last few days that have caused faith to arise for TheCall Sacramento happening this fall. Let’s see what God will do! A description from their site, along with a video invitation, is below.

“Gather to Me my consecrated ones, who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice . . . call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you” —Psalm 50:5,15

Ten years ago, four hundred thousand primarily young people, the consecrated ones, the Nazirites, gathered to the Mall in D.C. to fast and pray for America. Now, ten years later, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Seismic political, economic, and societal shifts are drastically reshaping California, every state, and the nation. This is the time for a great spiritual outpouring to be unleashed to meet the demand of these times.

God’s prescription in the day of trouble is to regather the consecrated ones to the place of the covenant, the cross, not just to be blessed, but to rend our hearts and call upon God. In that place of united fasting and prayer, God promises to release deliverance and help.

Therefore, we are again summoning thousands of young and old—those who have been marked by TheCall’s solemn assemblies and those whose hearts burn for their generation—to gather in Sacramento as consecrated, intercessory representatives from, and on behalf of, California and every state to “altar” their lives, “altar” their states, and “altar” the nation.

Can California be changed? Can a nation be changed? Yes, but only if they are altar-ed!

“Elijah repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down . . . then the fire fell.” —1 Kings 18:30, 38

Day 1Friday EveningProphetic Worship

Day 2Saturday 9am–9pmJoel 2 Solemn Assembly

Get the Detailed Breakdown of the event.

[Link to Video]

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