The Cross

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If any man would come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me.”

~Matthew 16.24

Christianity is not a religion, it is a revelation that brings transformation. It is the switching of kingdoms. From one rule to another, “out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2.9).” There are only two rules or governments, God’s rule and everything else that is not God’s rule. We leave the management of our own lives and enter into His management of our lives. The good news is that He saves us from our own rule, and everything we deserve from being our own ruler.

Our lives are to be “living sacrifices (Romans 12.1-2).” Leonard Ravenhill said, “the only true freedom is to live in bondage to Jesus Christ.” “You are not your own you have been bought with a price (1 Cor. 6.20;7.23).”

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever places his trust in Him would posses eternal life (John 3.16, my paraphrase).” Faith is the essence of everything in God. Faith is this; the absolute refusing to trust in yourself and the casting of yourself totally upon Him. It is the Cross! Faith and the cross are inseparable. They are synonymous. Why? Because the resignation of yourself is the death, and that total surrender is true saving faith. This faith of death is the ignition of divine life! The gospel isn’t turning bad men into good men, but making dead men come alive (Ephesians 2.1). This is divine life; Christianity is not a change of life but an exchange of life. We become men in whom the Spirit of God dwells. We are no longer human, we are supernatural. We are the new race in the earth (1 Cor. 10.32). The Holy ones consecrated unto God and inhabited by God!

His love has wonderful benefits. “Forget not His benefits, who forgives all our iniquities and heals all of our diseases (Psalm 103.3).” What wonderful effects of Salvation; “Surely our sicknesses He Himself bore…by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53.3-5).” Everything that is not perfect health in your body was put upon Jesus at the cross.  “Sickness is to the body is what sin is to the soul.  It is already paid for by Christ Himself…every law that applies to salvation applies to healing (John G. Lake).”  “God cannot choose not to purchase your healing, He already bought it (Bill Johnson).”  He is not questioning, if He will buy your healing for you, He already bought it. It is God’s will to heal everyone, every time at all times.  Some of the effects of the atonement are cleansing from sin, power over sin, healing from sickness and power over sickness! The fullness of His love is not just shown to us in the suffering of His death for us as a substitute, but also in the realization of all the effects of that death.  He entered into every part of man and reversed the poison of death that Adam’s rebellion had set in motion. The end goal of everything is for us to be just like Jesus. He is “bringing many sons unto glory…(Hebrews 2.10)”. The cross is the only instrument that He uses to fashion us into His image.


Eric Gilmour is an Associate Editor for Voice of Revolution, overseeing Revival & Evangelism.
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