San Remo “Israel’s Mandate” (By John Paul)

February 1st, 2012 by

This week as the Palestinian Authority makes it bid for ‘statehood’ through the UN General Assembly, let us look at the legality and legitimacy of Israel’s right to Judea and Samaria (Israel Proper included).  In a CBN news segment, the San Remo Conference is covered in a short 4 minute video.

Recently Jews and Christians met at the historic villa to commemorate the actions of the victors of WWI in establishing a permanent homeland for world Jewry.  By the time of its signing in July 1922, by the League of Nations the original mandate territory was already reduced by 75%  and the Jews accepted the remaining 25% as their homeland.  Thus the Jewish people had rights to all the land west of the Jordan River and were prohibited from settling in what became modern Jordan.  The land in question was not the ARAB’S to loose but had been under the Ottoman Empire.  It was controlled by the Turks who were allied with Germany in the war (see map). Another important note made in the CBN segment was that in the transition from the League of Nations to the UN, all prior agreements with regard to the mandates must be upheld.

One interesting note is that in the current situation some of the original European countries who signed onto the San Remo agreement are poised to break that commitment by siding with the PA’s bid for statehood.

For a more detailed look at this conference the European Coalition for Israel has a 15 minute video demonstrating the legal claims.

One key comment in this video is the “reconstituting of a national home” for the Jewish people.  This recognizes the HISTORICAL RIGHTS of the Jews to the land.  One could also replace that word with “BIBLICAL”  rights.  Quoting from the Executive Summary at EC4I:

Thus, in a word, the primary foundations in international law for the claim based on “historic rights” or “historic title” of the Jewish people in respect of Palestine are the San Remo decisions of April 1920, the Mandate for Palestine of July 1922, approved by the Council of the League of Nations and bearing the signatures of that international treaty by the Principal Allied Powers in July 1922, and the Covenant of the League of Nations itself (Art. 22). The rights thereby granted to the Jewish people (with the exception of the provisions of Article 25 of the Mandate, relating to Trans-Jordan) were aimed at the establishment of a Jewish national home throughout Palestine. These rights have never been rescinded.

The world is a different place than 90 years ago.  If the same events were to have taken place today, the Jews would be still be wondering among the nations.  The sentiment of nations is to lie in in the falsehoods of the nations that cannot tolerate to have a Jewish state in their neighborhood.  As we embrace the reality of the Lord’s hand in dealing with the seed of Jacob, we can appreciate his sense of timing.  This week the world will have a referendum to side with Israel’s enemies or with Israel.  Choose wisely.

John Paul is is an Associate Editor for Voice of Revolution, overseeing Jewish Issues.


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