About Eric Gilmour

Eric William Gilmour is a graduate of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry having worked along side fireonthealtar, thousands have been touched by his audio compilations and writings around the world. After working with Christ for all Nations, the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, he founded agonypress ministries which seeks to stir the church to fall back in love with Jesus through provocative preaching, writing and audio video materials. Producer of the widespread audio compilation CD, “The Burn Series” agonypress.org has stirred thousands of lives to personal revival. Eric Gilmour is an itinerate minister on the “Inner Life” to ministry schools thorough the country and the leader of Jesus Orlando; hosting street, prison and marketplace supernatural evangelistic outreaches and training seminars, hosting multiple discipleship and revival prayer meetings weekly. Eric is burdened to see the church return to undivided love for Jesus, glorious fellowship with the Holy Spirit bearing fruit for the coming accountability to God.

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