July 12th, 2010 by Bethany French

Last month a couple was arrested in California for attempting to sell their six-month-old baby to two women for $25, according to a statement released by police.  Both parents are being charged with child endangerment as well as drug-related charges.  Thirty-eight-year-old Patrick Fousek’s fellow inmates took justice into their own hands, attacking him after they learned his story through the news:

Sheriff’s Cmdr. Mike Richards said inmates in the open dorm where Fousek had been housed jumped him at 10:15p.m. after the details of his charges were reported on television news.

Richards said Fousek was transported to Natividad Medical Center, where he was treated for multiple injuries to his face, and two cracked ribs before being returned to the jail.

Seated apart from other inmates in the courtroom Friday, Fousek’s right eye was bruised and badly swollen. He had a cut on the bridge of his nose and stitches in his lip.

This attempt to sell an infant to strangers, presumably for drug-related reasons, has sparked much outrage and disbelief across the country, and rightly so. This story has even attracted international attention, as well it might.  As unbelievable and reprehensible as most people find a crime like this, there is an equally dark and sinister crime taking place under our culture’s pursuit of everlasting beauty:  the trafficking of human fetal remains to be used in pharmaceutical products, as well as expensive and non-regulated anti-aging creams.

A study conducted by Vicki Evans tracked the financial roots and threads of the abortion industry into the marketplace:

In her study, Evans looked to discover how certain “special interests” or a “commercial cause” – rather than the graying adherents of feminist ideology that first clamored for legal abortion – was at work to keep abortion legal, and the transactions in aborted fetal material largely unmolested by regulators in a virtually clandestine market.

“It is important to shine a light on these practices that take place behind closed doors,” wrote Evans. “There are powerful forces conspiring to keep this information from the public and the media with the ostensible conviction that they are protecting a woman’s right to choose.

“However, it is becoming obvious that many ideological groups are being used as pawns by powerful financial interests.”

Exploiting the lives of the unborn is wrong for EVERY reason, but how low has the moral fiber of our nation sunk when the reason becomes vanity?  Here are some excerpts from Evans’ study:

The genesis of using fetal tissue for cosmetic purposes arose out of its successful clinical use in burn victims… After years of research, physicians discovered that fetal skin has a unique ability to heal wounds without scarring…

From the above-referenced fetal skin biopsy, the University Hospital of Lausanne research team went on to establish a dedicated cell bank for developing a cream designed to reduce signs of aging and improve skin texture and the appearance of wrinkles… The active ingredient,  trademarked by Neocutis S.A. as Processed Skin Care Proteins or PSP, is a combination of human growth factors and cytokines (intercellular messengers)…

“The boomers are commanding attention with their voices and their wallets as they will be the primary contributors to the projected $12 billion increase in money spent on anti-aging products and supplements in the next year and a half alone…The anti-aging market is presently a $30 billion market. In the next three years, it is expected to grow to $70 billion… This is the fastest growing market in the U.S.”130

At the “low” end, miracle claims are made for creams, serums and emulsions developed
with fibroblasts and human growth factors; i.e.; fetal cell technologies. Most are produced in the
U.S. and none of their claims have been evaluated by the FDA. All are unproven as to efficacy.
One product, Amatokin, produced by Voss Laboratories, costs $190 for 30 milliliters or one
ounce. A direct competitor, ReVive Skincare‟s Peau Magnifique, retails for $1,500 for four one-
milliliter ampoules… The products are expensive because they are not mass produced and have a very limited shelf life.
At the “high” end, exclusive clinics in various worldwide tourist locations are offering
face lifts and cosmetic procedures using tissues from aborted fetuses and stem cells from human
embryos. The cells are said to rejuvenate the skin…133

Until recently, the raw materials for producing these liquefied fetal serums for injection were imported to Barbados from the Ukraine. “Women were paid $200-$300 (three months salary) to carry their pregnancies to a very late stage and then deliver the babies alive in a kind of forced premature birth. The procedure allows the living baby’s organs to be harvested while they are still as fresh as possible.”135

Unthinkable?  Yes.  Are these things still happening?  Yes.  How long will it be until Walmart really is selling babies for profit, in the form of anti-aging creams, without so much as a slap on the wrist?  Convicted criminals know selling children is wrong!  Let us raise our voices on their behalf and go to our knees before God to see Him intervene with justice for the unborn!

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