March 25th, 2010 by M. French

Editor’s Note: The podcast of this debate is now available here.

According to Dr. Brown:

On Thursday (March 25), I will be joining Dr. James White on his Dividing Line broadcast from 1:00-2:30 PM, EST (internet only), as we continue our debate on Calvinism. (We plan to do one more show on the Dividing Line on April 1.) On Thursday’s show, I have been asked by Dr. White to discuss some of the key texts used by Calvinists to support their views, so this should be a fascinating learning experience for everyone involved. You can listen online HERE.

The format of the debate is described below, from Dr. White’s website:

For those interested, we will be covering three texts of Scripture on Thursday: John 6, Romans 8/9, and Ephesians 1. Each will have 8 minutes to provide their exegesis of the text; then we will have four minutes of cross-ex each, then three minute conclusions before moving on to the next text. I know, not a lot of time, but that still covers 90 full minutes (we will not be taking any breaks at all).
The following Thursday we will repeat the process, but this time covering Michael’s chosen texts, Luke 13:34-35 (Deut 5:28-29) Ezek 18:21-32 (Jer 3:19-20; Ezek 22:30-31) I John 2:1-2 (2 Pet 2:1).
Remember, to make room for Michael’s program (which cannot, like the DL, be moved around at will), we will be starting at 10am our time (1pm EDT).

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