January 17th, 2009 by Christy Scott

Yesterday, I picked up a newspaper and looked at the damage in Costa Rica (only about an hour from where I am) and wept at the devastation.  There is so much pain, and the ground is still shaking every 20 minutes as the rain falls down and the people look for shelter in the dampness and the cold.  The animals are dying from lack of attention, and people are waiting on food as rescue workers do the best they can to provide continued relief.  One mother died with her two small children in her arms only two yards from the front door and safety.  Another pair of sisters died holding hands beside their homemade candy stand on the corner from their house, and their father was left to grieve them both.

As I watch, and know that they will rebuild (although the Sarapiqui will take years to restore, and some small, rural villages may never be inhabited again), I can’t help but think about Romans 8: all of creation groaning for the sons of God to be revealed.  The very earth is crying out for something real…for an intervention.  Those of us who claim to know Jesus and walk in the light of His freedom and all He has done to restore our lives from the devastation this world can bring, how are we sharing His love and truth with those around us?  Do our very lives breathe with the hope He offers…the trust He’s placed inside of us in knowing that He is our stability?  In knowing that we are His, and He will care for us?  When we have the chance, do we bless those around us, or do we become afraid of becoming small, or lost, or forgotten…do we live as sons who know His love that cannot be lost, or do we live as orphans afraid of what can be taken away in a moment?  I can’t help but think about these things as I see people rushing in to help those affected by the earthquake at the same time that others are looting the homes that were hastily abandoned in the tragedy.  Which are we?  Some churches who claim to follow Christ…some who claim to be Christians…use religion as an excuse to scare or control or steal even more from those who are already scared and dying. But the Lord is raising up His Church…His people…His remnant who will rush into the devastation and bring hope to a lost and dying world regardless of the cost to themselves.  The ground is shaking, Lord.  Be our stability, and may we find in you the strength to rescue those who are crying out for stability and hope.


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