July 8th, 2009 by M. French
Same-sex marriages performed in states that have redefined marriage (currently Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire), will be recognized in Washington D.C. According to USA Today:
WASHINGTON (AP) — A law recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere has gone into effect in the District of Columbia.The bill was approved in a 12-1 vote by the D.C. Council in May, with council member Marion Barry casting the lone no vote.

Congress, which has the final say over the city’s laws, had 30 days to review the bill. A push by black church leaders who oppose gay marriage failed to get a referendum on the matter.

And Congress took no action, allowing the bill to become law Tuesday.

The “black church leaders” they’re referring to are a group led by Harry Jackson, who are standing for righteousness in the D.C. area.

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