July 20th, 2009 by Marc Thomas

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Earlier this week, Senator Mikulski got herself into a tight spot when introducing government plans on state-funded healthcare. Questions were raised by Senator Orrin Hatch about whether or not the new scheme would include ‘tax-payer funded abortion.’

Mikulski, seemingly unwilling to mention abortion, took a dance around the term instead employing terms such as ‘planned parenthood’ and ‘woman’s health clinics including comprehensive service.’

In the interest of a balanced view of the facts, we must add that she did go on to say, “… it would provide for any service deemed medically necessary or medically appropriate.”

The Governmental takeover of healthcare is not yet a reality in America, but across the other side of the Atlantic, Britain’s National Health Service has recently surpassed its 61st birthday.

According to UK law, abortion is technically legal up until the 25th week of pregnancy (non-inclusive.) However, a law introduced in 1967 (the 1967 Abortion Act) sets out two very specific criterion for Abortion under the NHS (taxpayer funded):

  1. Abortions must be carried out in a hospital or a specialised licensed clinic.
  2. Two doctors must agree that an abortion would cause less damage to a woman’s physical or mental health than continuing with the pregnancy.

This means that unless two doctors both agree that birth would be detrimental to the physical or mental health of the mother, then an abortion is not legal or possible under the NHS scheme. This appears to be the same condition placed on the proposed plan in America.

Under the 1967 Abortion Act, Private Abortion Clinics may carry out abortions, but they are still only legal if two doctors agree on the Abortion being the favourable option to the health of the Mother.

Of course, the question must be asked, “How often do pro-choice doctors make a biased decision?”

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June 16th, 2009 by Marc Thomas

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/5532996/Sextuplets-mother-ignored-advice-to-abort-some-of-her-unborn-babies.html

“They more or less advised us to [abort some of the babies],” says Nuala Conway, a 26 year old mother of newborn sextuplets in Northern Ireland, “They told us about the risks we faced if we went ahead with the pregnancy.”

The Roman Catholic couple decided to ignore doctors who advised the termination of some of the sextuplets in the 14th week of pregnancy, answering pro-abortion medical staff saying, “These babies are a wonderful gift from God. Whatever God laid out for our lives we were taking it.”

According to The Telegraph, sextuplets are born to one in 4.5 Million pregnancies.

What about the health issues? Won’t they have a poor quality of life? “The babies have been on and off antibiotics and ventilators. They are thriving really well but it’s hard to get a good day,” says new father Austin who has stopped working so that he can be at the hospital more, “There are so many of them there are always days when one or two will not be doing so well.”

“I fell in love when they were in the womb.” Nuala adds, “When one moved they would all move and I could definitely feel 24 limbs kicking.”

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